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January 2018
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Lookin’ at my Gucci…

Another playlist. I promise to post something non-playlist soon. Honestly.

Pulcher Femina – Autumn Wind
Behind the Scenes – Flowers
Portion Control – Cosh Boy ver2.1
[:SITD:] – Propaganda
Prospero – Let the Planet Burn (still burning mix)
Straftanz – Praise the Panic
Noisuf-X – Hit Me Hard
Xotox – Keine Ruhe Vor Dem Sturm
Nachtmahr – Feuer Frei
Ad·ver·sary – Ancients
Coil – Triple Sun

Ze (second) list

So Leroy had me back up at the station recently. I’m just posting playlists here for future reference.

Detroid – I Still Continue
Accessory – Holy Machine
KiEW – Graograman (F/A/V remix)
Painbastard – Nyctophobia (Straftanz remix)
Monolith – Paradise
Noisex – Goodbye, Mein Freund (for now)
Terrorfakt – Skullfucker (Synnack mix)
Dive vs. Diskonnekted – Do You Believe It? (Combichrist mix)
Noisuf-X – Chaos
Interlace – Master
Nine Inch Nails – 24 Ghosts III

Ze list

Every now and then Leroy the Lovetoy up at 100.5 The Buzz has me up at the station to play some goth/industrial stuff on the Sunday Night Resurrection. I figure that I’d keep my playlists on here for references. Here’s my set (8 – 10pm) from August 12th:

Warsaw – Warsaw
The Glove – Like an Animal
Sisters of Mercy – Marian
The Legendary Pink Dots – 1,001 Commandments
Skinny Puppy – Far Too Frail
Will – Father Forgive
Meat Beat Manifesto – Dog Star
Hyperdex-1-Sect – Death is not the End (XMTP mix)
Fixmer and McCarthy – And Then Finally
Assemblage 23 – Let the Wind Erase Me
Accessory – Holy Machine
Hocico – About a Dead (speedy gonzales mix by lola angst)

Wumpscut – Turns Off Pain (recommended version)
Download – Glassblower
Interlace – Master
SITD – Metamorphosis
Feindflug – Stukas im Visier (interference by davantage)
Noisex – Goodbye, Mine Freund (for now)
Hypnoskull – The Betrayal
Painbastard – Nyctophobia (remix by staftanz)
Davantage – Unholy (lc mix)
Nebula-H – Inhibition H01
Iszoloscope – Heard Voices (album version)
KiEW – Odessa (venus fly-trap mix by implant)
Eisbrecher – Schwartze Witwe

The division is where the two hours were split up. As always, I had a blast hanging out and playing some tunes. Until next time…


Weekend update.

So we’ve been in the process of getting granite counter tops installed. We took out the old counters on Tuesday and the stone was installed on Wednesday. They didn’t get around to cutting out a hole for our faucet until Friday so I spent Saturday morning hooking that up and fiddling with the plumbing underneath. Right now it looks pretty damn sweet — and the splash isn’t even installed yet (hopefully Monday).

I took some before and after pictures and figured I’d add a photo album about our house. I still need to sort through all our digital pictures to find some more to add, but right now you can check them out here. Yes, I pimped my computer. I’m quite proud of it. :)


Hello world!

Finally getting around to actually installing some blog software and creating posts. Not sure how often I’ll be using this but Colleen seems determined to use hers. We’ll see. :)