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35 before 35 list

1.    Learn to make cheese
2.    Go on a shopping hiatus for the entire month (except for food)
3.    Attend a Gator basketball game
4.    Travel someplace I’ve never been
5.    Take a sewing class

6.    Ride on a sailboat
7.    Eat something from a food truck
8.    Visit the Horse Retirement Home
9.    Try miracle berries

10.    Apply to be a contestant on a game show
11.    Volunteer at a community garden
12.    Go on a manatee tour
13.    Learn to change a tire
14.    Get a ridiculous pedicure (maybe with some bling)
15.    Watch the Kentucky Derby while wearing a fancy hat
16.    Have an unplugged weekend (no computer, BlackBerry or TV)
17.    Go to a food festival
18.    Give up chocolate for one month
19.    Wear false eyelashes
20.    Learn to can jam
21.    Send a care package to soldiers in Afghanistan
22.    Spend the day at the Ayurveda Health Retreat
23.    Watch the Godfather trilogy
24.    Go to a movie by myself
25.    Write a fan letter

26.    Collect my favorite recipes into a cookbook
27.    Swim with the fish at the Tampa Aquarium
28.    Have a photo taken of myself that I really like
29.    Crochet a scarf
30.    Read a book that I don’t think I’d like
31.    Go to Quaker church at least three times per month
32.    Learn gluten-free baking
33.    Get my tattoo covered up or removed*
34.    Take a burlesque class
35.    Pay off my student loans

*Number 33 originally read “Be able to do a handstand with ease.” I’ve been working on that all year, but a shoulder injury is going to make it nearly impossible to finish, so I replaced it with something equally difficult but more doable.


Comment from Bobbie
Time: August 4, 2011, 11:22 am

You’re kicking butt on this list! Well done, sister!

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