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February 2018
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out of order

Business travel seems glamorous (and it is mostly pretty darn great), but it can really throw off my routine. I took a work trip to San Diego for a week in February, and I’m getting ready to visit four countries in Europe for work (plus three more for vacation) later this month, as well as a possible trip to the Philippines for a meeting in June. Whew! That knocks visiting someplace I’ve never been (#4 on my 35 Things list) out of the park.

Last week, I took a sewing class at UF (#5), and I felt like a granny lugging my sewing machine across campus among all the college kids. (“Legit sewing machine,” one girl said to me. Really? 2 Legit 2 Quit?) But, a little embarrassment was totally worth it because I made the coolest zippered bag. I think the hardest part of sewing is battling with the machine, so I wasn’t expecting the bag to come out so professional-looking, especially since I’ve never worked with a zipper before. Of course, it helped that the instructor perfectly cut out all the fabric beforehand and was right there to help as I had questions.

I crammed a bunch of list activities into this past weekend as well. On Friday, I ate jerk chicken from the Chow Now food truck (#7) that comes to my office a few times a month. I try really hard to only eat clean, humanely raised meat, but I have to admit the potentially dodgy food truck chicken was fantastic, and although the portion was only supposed to be for one, it ended up being enough food for three full meals.

On Saturday, Tony and I ventured to the retired horse farm in Alachua (#8), along with a couple of our friends. It was a beautiful day to be hanging outside with the horses, who ate carrots right out of my hand. I’ve never really been around horses up close before, so I was unprepared for how big and powerful they’d be (city girl!) and I found them a little scary. The donkeys and the mini-horses, on the other hand, were terrific.

I also tried miracle berries (#9), which make sour food taste sweet. I ate a sliced lemon like it was an orange, and it was delicious. I drank bottled lime juice that tasted exactly like key lime pie. The miracle berry magic also works on grapefruit juice, black coffee and pickles–amazing!

All this traveling and listing is keeping me busy, but I’ve had to do a few of the items out of order. I wanted to ride on a sailboat in San Diego (#7), but it didn’t work out, so I’ll have to try to fit that one in some other time this year.

Instead, I had the wonderful opportunity to have a photo taken of myself that I really like (#28) as part of a photo shoot done by my super-talented friend who’s getting her photography business off the ground. It was so much fun to dress up and strike poses. My moment as a model also presented the perfect time to wear false eyelashes (#19), which were so pretty and so much more natural-looking that what I’d expected. More to come about this when I get the final pics back from her. Until then, au revoir!

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