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February 2018
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the cheese stands alone, part 2

Aww…”The Cheese Stands Alone” was the first post I ever wrote on this blog back in June 2007. I was so pleased with myself for learning how to make homemade ricotta, and that was some dang good cheese. But for my 35 Things list, I wanted to make real cheese, the kind that takes days to make and requires weird ingredients like bacteria and rennet. I only wish this cheese making attempt had gone as well as the last one. I tried three different recipes for two different kinds of cheese: feta and cream cheese. Unfortunately, all three were utter failures.

The feta tasted good, but it was way too soft, more like the texture of ricotta, in fact. The first cream cheese recipe I tried never came together; it was like the texture of really loose yogurt and ran right through the cheesecloth when I tried to strain it. (By the way, what is commercially sold as cheesecloth must be good for something, but it sucks for making cheese. The holes are way too big, and using a double layer proved to be messy and ineffective.) The second cream cheese recipe showed a lot more promise. It strained nicely, and it looked like cream cheese, but the texture was gross–lumpy in some areas and grainy in others. So, I’m glad I tried it, but it looks like my cheese making days are done. I’ll stick to easy, delicious ricotta, thank you very much.

I’m doing well on the rest of my list. Tony and I went to a Gator basketball game: Florida vs. Arkansas. (The Razorbacks are my favorite college sports mascot–so fierce!) I enjoyed it a lot more than watching a live football game, but I’m just not into sports enough to ever go to another game, I don’t think.

The shopping hiatus was painful, but it went well too. I only made two exceptions–a Groupon for Mother Earth Market (counts as food, if you ask me) and a Groupon for the Ayurvedic spa (on my list for July, so it’s totally legit). I tend to shop when I’m bored or when I’m going out and just want something new to wear, so I’m hoping this exercise will make me more mindful of my purchases. We’ll see if it worked when I head to the outlet mall in Orlando tomorrow. Yes, I planned a big outlets trip for the first weekend after my shopping hiatus ended. Shut up.

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