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January 2018
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greens, greens, greens (or, wait…you can eat that?)

The most frequent question I’ve been asked about the CSA is whether I used all the items in my basket of veggies. I’m happy to say that the answer is yes, mostly. I have one sweet potato left from last week, but that’s it.

What did I do with all that produce, you ask? Well, let me tell you. As planned, I did make a pesto-inspired arugula, basil and avocado sauce and served it with cold roasted chicken. (It was meh; as hard as I try, I still don’t like avocado.) I also cooked a fantastic pumpkin curry and pumpkin soup, radishes sauteed in brown butter (heavenly!) and roasted sweet potatoes with greens, peppers and bacon.

This photo looks pretty decent, huh? I\'m getting better with the Photoshop, and Tony bought me an *ahem* idiot-proof camera for my birthday. Love!I don’t have experience with turnip greens (or many other greens either, for that matter), and I was quite skeptical. The raw greens are rather prickly, and I was afraid it would be like eating a plate full of weeds, but they cooked down to be tender and lovely. Which is a good thing, because turnip greens made an appearance in my CSA basket this week as well, along with: arugula, a mix of lettuces and herbs, more sweet potatoes, more radishes, lemons, pomegranates, Chinese Honey tangerines and sweet peppers.

Speaking of greens, I also just discovered that it’s possible to eat the green tops of radishes too, which makes sense, but it never would have occurred to me to try and cook those before. I’ve always tossed them into the trash. Whoops.

I have a feeling we’ll also be eating a few salads this week; perhaps I’ll make a pear, blue cheese and walnut salad with pomegranate seeds and tangerine vinaigrette. Doesn’t that sound good? Otherwise, I’m not sure what to do with the other pomegranate or all those sweet potatoes, but figuring it out is all part of the fun.

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