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August 2008
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Archive for August, 2008

remodeled and looking good

When Tony and I bought our house, we knew it needed some TLC. The backyard flora had been allowed to grow wild. The wall colors included shades of vomit and bruise.  The windows and appliances looked like they’d been around since the house was built in 1948. And, with its powder-blue tile, chipping grout and […]

the omnivore’s 100

Below is a list of 100 food items every omnivore should try, or so says British food blogger Andrew Wheeler of Very Good Taste. I’ve eaten 42 out of the 100, and I only ruled out four foods on the list. (Fish so poisonous it could kill you? No thanks.) A few of my all-time […]

labor of love

Sometimes food doesn’t ask much of you. A paper-thin slice of salty prosciutto requires no preparation or adornment. Heck, you don’t even need a fork to enjoy a perfectly ripe pear or a  handful of crisp, cold carrots or a wedge of sharp cheddar cheese. But sometimes food makes you work. Artichokes, for instance. With […]

the Internet is a wild place

I intended to spend time online scouring Etsy for wall decals (so pretty!) to help me decorate our newly renovated bathroom (details to come later on that never-ending project). But somehow I got distracted and many mouse clicks later, I wound up discovering Wordle. I’m completely smitten.

comfort food

July was an extraordinarily crappy month, and I’m still somewhat bummed out. I can be a little (read: a lot) obsessive, especially when things are not going my way. So, in an attempt to take my mind off my worries, I’ve spent quite bit of time in the kitchen with Sara Moulton’s cookbook, indulging in […]