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July 2007
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ciao bella

It all started with Tony’s casual comment: “I think Barkley would like a puppy.” I never wanted a second dog–more work, more money, more hassle–but once the idea of  having a puppy got into my head, it stuck like a fish hook. So, we went from “there’s no way we could get another dog” to […]

happy feet

I love new shoes. That is all.

shut up, Jacquelyn Michard

In this month’s Real Simple, there’s an article titled “Confessions of a Former Crafter,” in which author Jacquelyn Michard asserts that crafting is a stupid, useless waste of time. She writes, “As I see it, that’s the work of someone young enough to be forgiven, old enough to be forgiven or with way, way too […]

HGTV lies

We’ve lived in our house for two years as of July 15. That’s the longest I’ve ever stayed in one place since moving to G’ville 13 years ago. I think that nomadic nature is somewhat inherrent in college towns. In college, I moved A LOT. I’d get sick of my roommates or decide that my […]

i put a spell on you

Just got home from seeing Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. So, so good. I could nitpick the movie, (They left out a ton of stuff that was central to the story in the book. And Luna as a blond? Hmmph.) but I won’t. I loved Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lastrange. I […]

look out, sylvia plath

A Lesson: The essential patent-leather heels Turn a mess into a masterpiece The miserable fault-finder hasn’t been used in over a year Have a change of heart? Don’t worry We still wear the pants when it counts OK, so I didn’t write those words so much as arrange them during a crafty poetry cut-out night […]