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February 2018
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an american girl in paris (and a bunch of other cities)

Somehow, I’m fortunate enough to be living my dream life. I just got home from the trip of a lifetime—three weeks visiting Cheltenham, England; Gijon, Spain;  Strasbourg, France and Kiel, Germany for work, as well as enjoying vacation time in Brussels and Bruges, Belgium; Amsterdam, Netherlands and Copenhagen Denmark—and I can’t even tell you how […]

bring on the year of the ox

Oh, my. For the last couple of months I’ve been way too distracted by shiny things, pretty dresses and holiday festivities to do much blogging. The season of cheer has been wonderful, though. I spent great times with family and friends, I ate pounds and pounds (literally) of amazing food, and I am still enjoying […]

why, hello there

Clearly I have not been eaten by bears, so what has been occupying my time during the 5+ weeks it’s been quiet around here? Well…I went on two trips for my job. I became totally enamored with 101 Cookbooks (more to come on that in future posts).  I attended a toga party for my friend’s […]

there is no tri

I competed in the Escape to Siesta triathlon today. There it is written in black-and-white, and I still can’t quite believe it actually happened. I am not a natural athlete. I exercise only because I love to eat and still want to fit into my clothes. I often have to trick myself into working out […]

remodeled and looking good

When Tony and I bought our house, we knew it needed some TLC. The backyard flora had been allowed to grow wild. The wall colors included shades of vomit and bruise.  The windows and appliances looked like they’d been around since the house was built in 1948. And, with its powder-blue tile, chipping grout and […]

the Internet is a wild place

I intended to spend time online scouring Etsy for wall decals (so pretty!) to help me decorate our newly renovated bathroom (details to come later on that never-ending project). But somehow I got distracted and many mouse clicks later, I wound up discovering Wordle. I’m completely smitten.


So, I’m pretty darn impressed with myself. This Independence Day I participated in the awesomely named Melon Run and finished the 3-mile race in 29 minutes, 22 seconds–my fastest-ever time for that distance! It’s a good thing that I’ve been doing all that running, too, since I’ve also been stuffing my face with foods like […]

hot yoga changed my life

I am not a laid-back person. I tend to be quick tempered and anxious, focused and really driven. I expect a lot of myself and everybody else. I’m easily bored, and I like having clear goals. For me, it’s not about the journey; it’s about the destination. I think these perfectionist tendencies have helped me […]

brought to you by the letter eee

I’m writing this post on my new, tiny EEE PC, and I just had to tell you how hard it rocks. It fits in my purse and weighs less than the last Harry Potter. For the past day or so, I’ve been carrying this thing with me all around the house–just because I can. I’ve […]

why my nephew rules

Jordan: C’mon, let’s play more football. Hut. Tackle. Touchdown. Auntie Colleen: We gotta take a break so I can eat lunch. J: *pout* AC: I need to eat lunch so I can get real strong and tackle you. J: But I WANNA PLAY FOOTBALL. AC: In a minute. Let me eat some food so I […]